Tenchi Muyo! Toukou Muyou (Sega Saturn, Japanese)


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Tenchi Muyou!: Toukou Muyou (天地無用! 登校無用) is an anime-like visual novel with constant video clips and CG events featuring full voice-acting for dialogues and Tenchi’s thoughts without text-only descriptions whatsoever. The game uses autoplay feature and doesn’t wait for you to press button to progress the dialogues, although they can be skipped. At certain moments player’s actions let you affect the course of dialogues, but it does not affect an overall ending. The story centers on school love of Tenchi Masaki (柾木 天地) filled with love troubles. Key heroines from anime series, namely Ryoko (魎呼), Aeka (阿重霞) and Sasami (砂沙美) are also present in the story.

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