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This is a very beat up Japanese Copy of Vagrant Story for the PlayStation 1. It will not play on American systems without modifications, and all text is in Japanese. The external Jewel Case parts have been replaced with clean, new Jewel Case parts. Comes with disc, case, and tattered manual. I really suggest this only for folks who want to be able to say “oh yeah, I’ve got Mega Man Legends. It’s over here. Don’t look at it too hard, please.” The cover to the manual has ripped and separated from the rest of the book and the disc has a number of scratches — but it’s a neat relic of a time when Capcom was excited to take a chance on Mega Man.

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Mega Man Legends[a] is an action-adventure shooter game released by Capcom. It is the first game in the Mega Man Legends sub-series of Mega Man games from Capcom, and the second major 3D polygonal Mega Man title released in the franchise, following Mega Man: Battle & Chase.[1] It was released on the PlayStation in 1997 in Japan and in 1998 in North America. A Nintendo 64 port was released in 2000 with the same title, but it was renamed Mega Man 64 for the English release in 2001. Another port was released for Microsoft Windows in 2001, and PlayStation Portable in 2005, with the latter only in Japan.

It stars a different spiritual incarnation of Mega Man named Mega Man Volnutt, the game’s player character. Mega Man Volnutt is a “Digger”, a person in charge of investigating ruins from a flooded Earth. During his journey with his friends, their ship crashes in Kattelox Island, where Mega Man confronts pirates who are attacking it to obtain its hidden treasure. As an action-adventure game, Mega Man Legendss gameplay is very different from that of the original series, despite sharing a few elements.

The game was produced by Keiji InafuneMega Man Legends received positive critical response due to the series’ jump from 2D graphics to 3D. Ports for the Nintendo 64 and Windows received negative comments for lacking updates from the PlayStation version, whose graphics were considered outdated by the time the ports were released. Mega Man Legends was followed by the prequel The Misadventures of Tron Bonne and a sequel titled Mega Man Legends 2.

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