Wooden Cayde-6 Destiny 2 Expired Ramen Coupon


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In 2018 I walked up to the Ramen Shop in the tower and looked around, missing my favorite Hunter, and arguably my favorite member of the Vanguard. As luck would have it, on the ground, was a coupon for one free bowl of ramen — from Cayde. It promised he was still good for it, even though much like him, the coupon had expired.

I originally made these for a bunch of the crew who work on my favorite live game, but as the tickets will be leaving our inventory forever with the release of Beyond Light, I wanted to make six more available to whoever values them. This is the last time they’ll be made available.

Each one is made from a finished basswood plywood, laser engraved at a high resolution. These are 2″x1″, and about .118″ thick.


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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions .158 × 1 × 2 in