Kirby’s Dream Course (Japanese, Super Famicom)


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This is the Japanese release of Kirby’s Dream Course for Super Famicom.

Kirby’s Dream Course is a 1994 miniature golf video game developed by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). A spin-off of the Kirby series and the first released for the SNES, players control the pink spherical character Kirby through a series of courses by launching him towards the goal hole at the end. Kirby can hit enemies to collect power-ups that grant him unique abilities, such as those that allow him to destroy certain obstacles or fly around the level.

HAL Laboratory originally designed Dream Course as a standalone game called Special Tee Shot. Though it was previewed in several magazines and displayed on the packaging for the console, HAL replaced the game’s original characters with those from the Kirby series following its popularity on the Game Boy. Special Tee Shot was later released for the Satellaview peripheral in Japan. Dream Course received favorable reviews, both at release and retrospectively, for its unique design and absurdity. Some were critical of its high difficulty level and controls. It has been re-released through the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console digital storefronts and the Super NES Classic Edition. A sequel for the Nintendo 64 was in development but later canceled.


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