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This is a Japanese Copy of Final Fantasy VII International for the PlayStation 1. It will not play on American systems without modifications, and all text is in Japanese. The external Jewel Case parts have been replaced with clean, new Jewel Case parts. Comes with 3 game discs, 1 Perfect Guide disc, and the case.

From PSXDataCenter:

The American version of Final Fantasy VII featured several improvements over the Japanese version: additional FMV of the Weapons, tightened mini-game control, “arrows” for the screens, an enhanced Materia management system, and an added cut-scene that helped clarify Cloud’s past. Square, ever the entrepeneur, released the American version (in Japanese, of course) in Japan as “Final Fantasy VII International.” In addition to the changes in the American version, it offers a fourth disc with information, maps, character sketches, and general trivia about Final Fantasy VII.

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